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About Pulse

Alacra Pulse delivers just the business intelligence that matters, enhancing current awareness and spurring timely business-building and investment ideas.

How? All aggregators help filter the news. Some seem quite useful. None match Alacra Pulse's bespoke-for-business approach that:

    Filters save time, but can't save you from faulty input. Rather than sifting through the entire World Wide Wasteland, Alacra Pulse curates its sources. Editors have hand-selected 3,000 respected traditional media and influential blog sources, vetted continuously to maintain top standards.
    Quality in = quality out.
    Just because it's "news" doesn't mean it's valuable to you. Alacra understands which business events move markets: M&A rumors, debt restructurings, analyst upgrades and downgrades. A CEO's passing remark can have greater impact than a press release. Pulse pinpoints what matters.
    Precise crosshairs = precise results.
    Simple keyword tagging won't cut it. Built atop Alacra's complex business entity, executive and event knowledge base, Pulse's semantic tagging capabilities find, store, and inter-relate data on:
    • 100,000 publicly-traded and private companies
    • 25,000 analysts (sell-side, ratings agency, industry) & influential bloggers
    • 600,000 CEOs, CFOs and corporate leaders
    Contextual tagging = insightful context.
    Machine-tagged accuracy is good, and improving every day, but nothing can replace the sophistication of the human mind (yet). Alacra's editorial team scrutinizes outbound data, boosting accuracy rates to 95%.
    Human accuracy = accurate intelligence.

Business Solutions

Alacra PulsePro now integrates Street Pulse (analyst and blogger events), Deal Pulse (M&A rumors and announcements), Weak Pulse (distressed company events) and Chief Pulse (corporate leader remarks) into a single search-friendly interface. Users can personalize company portfolios and analyst watch lists to receive alerts on clients, prospects, investments, competitors and suppliers. (How?)

Business solutions are fully configurable. Alacra PulsePro can be easily integrated into existing workflow platforms, portals and intranets via dedicated feed or API, or accessed via login at

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